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The Opening of the Monastic Art Shop

Many people were present at the official opening, in a special place filled with the Athonite tradition and art in the center of Athens. This remarkable shop is located close to the Athens Cathedral, where the visitor has the opportunity to become acquainted with the monastic art and the natural, organic products of Mount Athos.

Elder Ephraim, Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, celebrated the Blessing, with the attendance of the Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Dodone.

In his brief greeting, elder Ephraim referred to the life of the monks of Mount Athos and their “secret” used in their creations with which they achieve great results.

Watch the video with the speech of Elder Ephraim…

Products and Cosmetics from the fertile land of Mount Athos

Wine, olives, olive oil… From the fertile land of Mount Athos with the exceptional care of the monks, wine from the Vatopedi vineyards, olive oil, and olives from the olive groves of the monks, preserves from their creative and original recipes, and pure honey, are some of the special products that can be found at the Monastic Art shop, for yourself or to be offered to your beloved ones.
In the showcases of our shop, one can find a wide variety of products, which are complemented with cosmetics and ecclesiastical items, all creations of the monks of Mount Athos. The cosmetic products are certified for their organic or botanical origin and composition and have been proven to nurture and care for the skin of our face and body.

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